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We helped develop Silk UI Framework in collaboration with OutSystems

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Live Style Guide Pack

A Live Style Guide is a live set of documents with ready-to-use brand theme colors and patterns. It is an essential element to ensure compliance with brand rules, user interface consistency and to foster usability. The Live Style Guide is delivered in an OutSystems Application, with modules that can be referenced by the applications.

Customised themes according to the brand and visual consistency on all the assets delivered in order to optimize the development process and user experience. Can be selected when creating a new application.

Dozens of reusable patterns from the Silk UI Framework that can be dragged directly into the screens by developers, effectively removing CSS and JS complexity. Includes up to 3 custom patterns used on custom pages.

Includes up to 3 custom pages, ready to copy and use. These sample pages are created based on the identification of the main tasks and pages performed by the UX Analysis.

Our Service

Expert Support

Our Project Manager will analyze the structure of your project and go through requests to optimize and improve the application’s module hierarchy while striving to minimize development and maintenance time in the future.

  • Common tasks
  • Requirements analysis
  • Structure assessment and hierarchy model
  • Sprints and tasks planning
  • Technical help in Front-End development

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Our UX experts will help your team analyze the project’s requirements in order to develop the best possible solution and fulfil your users’ main needs. The UX team’s efforts will have a direct impact in obtaining and retaining new users. The UX analysis will optimize the development process as well as the future sustainability of your application.

  • Common tasks
  • Identify the main goals in order to focus development efforts only on the most crucial issues
  • Collect users’ pain points/needs in existing applications and identify the different types of users in order to guarantee ease of use and to meet the needs of each user in the best way possible
  • Define the main task that each user needs to perform in order to guarantee an optimized process for each user
  • Define the general structure of the application and the required features to be able to support all pages
  • Create wireframes for all the screens in different devices and contexts
  • Develop prototypes of the solution in order to test it with real users

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User Research

Our UI Design experts will help create a visual interface that is appropriate for the defined user target.

  • Common Tasks
  • Create a layout with a visual identity that fits project requirements
  • Design and create standard elements like buttons, tables, cards, etc.
  • Apply visual styles to the designed wireframes in previous UX phases
  • Identify improvements for a better user experience

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We have a team of experts focused on improving Front-End in the OutSystems platform. Our team will work with your team to develop your Front-End, increasing quality through Architecture Analysis, UX Consulting, UI Design and Front-End Development.

Common Tasks:

  • Implement reusable patterns to promote project reusability and maintenance
  • Implement pages with a higher degree of complexity
  • Optimize application performance for multiple devices
  • Comment and document developments to optimize any future changes

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